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For over 30 years our name has been synonymous for fine tourmalines.

The diversity and unique spectrum of this color wonder among gemstones also reflect our work. With Hamburg as our base, our workplace extends out into the world. We source raw crystals of our colorful silicates from South America, Asia and Africa. Our cutters in Brazil and Germany dedicate themselves with devotion to transforming these small natural wonders into fine gemstones. Currently our most beautiful Tourmalines come from Nigeria. However, the deposits are limited and not always accessible due to nature. Therefore, we travel several times a year to the mines near Abuja to procure new raw crystals. These are mined there by hand in an environmentally friendly way. Back in Germany, the raw material is then sorted and prepared for the grinding shop. Once there, the sawing and shaping of the rough stones requires great intuition on the part of our cutters in order to develop the desired color and luminosity. Which color of the rainbow, which shape? Glittering and sparkling cut or silky beaten? Chain strand or melon slice? What is your favorite? The offer is extensive and ultimately your personal taste decides.