Type of cut


Table of sizes and weights
2×4 mm
0,15 ct.
3×6 mm
0,25 ct.
4×8 mm
0,5 ct.
5×10 mm
1 ct.
6×12 mm
1,5 ct.
7×14 mm
2,5 ct.
8×16 mm
3 ct.
9×18 mm
4 ct.
10×20 mm
5 ct.
color table

The colors of our tourmalines are natural and the special of this gemstone. They may differ from the table.


Gemstone: Tourmaline, Cut Type: Navette Marquise Faceted.
The Classic Marquise Navette is elongated in a gentle curve and has two tapered ends. The shape is reminiscent of a boat or an eye – a harmonious, appealing cut that works well for a variety of jewelry designs. The most common faceting is small diamond-shaped facets on the crown – the top next to a small table – and on the body of the stone. This cut brings out the best in tourmaline’s natural color distribution and gives the gemstone a fiery sparkle. Also common is the name marquise cut.
TourmalineTourmaline Properties

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